Echelon Connect Sport Spin Bike Specs

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Echelon Connect Sport Spin Bike Specs. The size and appearance of the bikes differ too with Connect Sports footprint measuring 96cm by 515cm compared to 1016cm by 508cm of the EX-3. It is a great exercise bike for beginner cyclists but advanced riders can use it too.

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Devoid many of. Details make the difference. The Echelon Connect EX5S is Echelons latest and greatest model when it comes to its connected bikes.

An Amazon spokesperson has contacted us to distance the company from the bike and Echelon.

View Bike Specs Measurements. 59 L x 53 W x 23 H. Bike Specs Weight Net Weight Gross Weight 4700KGS 5700KGS Box die lines 1070285895 MM Product Dimension Seat-lowest and Seat-highest and 12405051110MM 13805051395MM Weight Limit 300LB 136 KGS Handlebar Height ForwardBackward 9 levels 15 MMPer level NA Seat Height ForwardBackward 17 levels 15 MMPer level 7 levels 133 MMPer level Tension 1-32 levels Flywheel Weight 13 KGS Foot print - length x width 950505 MM Loading Qty 20GP 40GP 40HQ 106 226 250 Adapter INPUT OUTPUT. Its bike boasts an impressively-sized 22in.